Winter Is Coming

99651738-BF42-40F6-B999-761B229042E2Winter is coming has a whole different meaning to lupus sufferers. However, it is similar to the dread experienced in Game of Thrones. For Lupus sufferers, not only do we need to be vigilant daily in trying to keep the traveling circus of inflammation under control but there is an increased probability of a flare that comes with seasonal changes, cold and flu season along with the holiday season. Especially if we are being treated with immunosuppressant therapy such as steroid or biological treatments. Stress is bad for everyone however for lupus sufferers, it lights us up like a Christmas tree! Exhaustion is a mortal enemy for anyone with an already unpredictable auto immune condition as well. And those consequences I would rather avoid! Management is a necessity.
My Survival Tips:
1- Be thoughtful of the consequences of your actions by knowing your limitations. As much as we want to be ‘normal’, we are not like everyone else. We need rest periods and to pace our activities. Plan out activities such cooking, decorating and shopping. Online shopping has helped me tremendously. I avoid the crowds, the item gets delivered to my door or sometimes it can be delivered directly to the gift recipient! Ask for help, family and friends could pitch in to accomplish the many holiday tasks.
2- Be social but not to the point your health is sacrificed. Pick and choose what you’re up for. It’s ok to say no especially if it’s going to run you ragged.
3- Emotional health is equally important as physical health. Keep an open mind. Put life into perspective and live your life to the best of your ability. Be grateful for the things that you have and can do. Learn to let things go. LET IT GO.. like the song says.
4-Sleep is crucial in maintaining optimal health with a minimum of 7 hours.
5- Nutrition is essential to immune system health sooo Eat healthy! Eat whole foods not processed. Watch out for salt and sugar pitfalls.
6- I believe vitamins are useful. Increase vitamins C and D which are known to boost your immune system. Use supplements as directed and consult your physician. I take 1,000mg of vitamin C and 10,000iu of vitamin D daily. Remember don’t take echinacea since it can make Lupus symptoms worse.
7- Cold and flu season is upon us so frequent hand washing is a must! Use warm water and soap to thoroughly wash between fingers and entire hand. When you don’t have access to soap and water, use hand sanitizer gel. I keep a small bottle attached to my purse.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season❄️🎄


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