New Years Resolutions For a Lupie

AB8F4A70-AFCD-4E5D-9030-90A767A98651New Years is a time for reflection. Time to make adjustments for the past that will give the future a better outcome.
I’m glad I didn’t know how this past year would go, it was tough. The traveling circus of inflammation put down stakes and didn’t leave. I was in a flare for most of the year and on steroids. Yuk! It seems the more years that pass, the harder my lupus is to manage. Lupus has effected everything from my hair to my gut to my heart and of course my joints. It’s an awful disease!
So while other people are making resolutions to lose weight and save money, my resolutions are to live in the moment, cherish the little things that matter, to find peace and move forward as best as I can. Of course I need to lose weight and save money but there’s more important things.
My goal is to keep moving forward. To do so, nutrition is at the top of my list of priorities. I’ve read a lot about a Gluten free diet(Gluten free is avoiding wheat). I’m going to try it but it’s going to be difficult to cut out soft crusty Italian bread and semolina pasta!
Stress management is second on my list. Part of stress management is learning to accept the situation and knowing this too shall pass. Eventually I will feel better. Acceptance is part of finding peace. We are not the same as everyone else. Everyone acts and feels differently and that’s ok. Having faith helps with peace and acceptance by making time for daily prayer.
Then there’s exercise. It’s difficult when your joints feel like there’s glass in them but I know that I need to keep moving. Short walks in nature help me the most however not always possible this time of year living in Chicago. Below zero weather tends to isolate me. Warm water pools are a nice alternative.
Finally, appreciating simple pleasures. It’s the little things in life that matter. A delicious meal. Cozy blankets. Childrens’ laughter. Love of family and friends. Watching the birds leave footprints on the snow covered porch. Freedom to choose. Reading. Learning something new.
We will all do some ruminating this time of year. Let’s change our focus. Try not to fixate on problems/symptoms. Too many negative thoughts like, this is never going to get better will only make us feel worse. Too much rumination becomes neuroticism. It’s time to replace rumination with hope while focusing on the simple pleasures of life.

Wishing you and yours a happy healthy New Year 🎉



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